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This is the place where I want to hold on to people who really mean something special to me... for different reasons, but most because they're simply there for me and give me the courage in everything and who say what they think.
Therefor I thank you all out of my heart


Laura isn't only my neighbour and best friend...Laura means much more to me...She is that one who is sharing a soul with mine. For sure we don't always got the same views and don't always share the same opinion...but that's said and then everythings alright again
I can always count on Laura and lean on her shoulder, because she always gots a open ear for me. She is there when I need her and she supports me in everthing I am doing
Laura you're my Heart.... my soul... my everything..
I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you're here.
*kiss* never wanna miss you

to be continued
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