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++various Piccss++
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++Yong Island '05++





++ And I hurt myself by hurting YOU ++

Well I've took some pictures :P
and I like them alot :D ^^ almost not to believe I know xD

well here they are:

starting a model career what d'you think? ^^

relight my fire xD no ^^ i like that one

last one for today

today I sang infront of ca.50 people not many buttt I love to sing it doesn't matter how many people there were just to see them enjoying my performance is enough

so I'm really glad right now

tomorrow I'm going to visit my friend Isi <3 love ya honey

and guys

Only 15 Days left... strike :P until HAMBURG ^^

bye bye
1.12.06 23:47

++ Life's wonderful, it truely is ++

"I see you, I am me, I want ya, why don't ya
come to me, I can be what you need, oohh Baby...
I'm standing, been waiting, I'm yearning, I'm burning
come to me..."

15.10.06 18:38

++ I absolutly love music ++

"... It took such a long time for me to realize just how to be and to listen to me...
Some people have said things sometimes about me that weren't always true...
There'll always be thos ups and downs but you've always seemed to stick around and see me through to believe

So thank you for standing right by me
and thank you for being behind me
and watching me grow and lettin others know
that you'll still believe in what I'll be


*kiss* <33
5.10.06 00:17

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